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3 types of lighting every room needs



Think: chandeliers, recessed lighting, or sconces. ‘Ambient lighting provides even, overall illumination to a room,’ Murphy explains.

Using dimmers with ambient lighting gives you control over light levels, he notes. ‘A dinner with family and friends can be a little brighter and happier, but with a dimmer you can easily convert the same space into a romantic, more dimly lit dinner table for a romantic evening.’


This lighting is particularly important when performing specific tasks like cooking, doing homework, or getting ready in the bathroom.

In the kitchen, use pendant and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate food prep areas. Stylish table lamps and floor lamps provide perfect task lighting in living areas and bedrooms.

Task lighting for a bathroom can be accomplished by using sconces and bath bars. For a contemporary look, Murphy suggests adding a pendant light. “It’s becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms,” he says.


Murphy recommends using accent lighting to showcase specific objects like art, sculptures, and bookcases. ‘It can also be used to highlight a textured wall, or other architectural features,’ he says.

Classic track lighting and picture lights are the most common types of accent lighting you’ll find, but candles also fall into this category. ‘This low light tends to create a terrific atmosphere,’ but make sure they’re unscented, particularly when used to illuminate dining areas.

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